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Now that you have decided to step into the world of dating, are you really prepared for it? Well, there is a lot to consider in the dating world. In fact, there is much more to the dating game than the same old tired dating questions. Let’s explore some uncommon questions for a first date to add an element of fun and excitement. What’s more, it’s an opportunity to know your date more.

What is your favorite memory thus far?

This is going to be an out-of-the-box dating question for your date. But they should enjoy talking about it as many people love to share their favorite childhood memory with someone who is actually interested in listening. No doubt, this can set the stage for a beautiful conversation too.

What was the last book you read?

You love reading, so you want to learn if your date too is interested in books. Asking about the last book they have read is a good way to unravel this. What’s more, if both of you are book lovers, try to recommend a book for seasoned readers that you loved and make an impression.

‍What’s that one thing that you’ve been craving for?

Another uncommon question for a first date is to ask them about something specific that they have always wanted to buy. It could be a specific type of craft or sports equipment or a pair of earrings or food or just about anything.

One question that she would pause and think. This gives you a peep into their interests and priorities.

What is that one thing that you would want to delete from your history?

Now it’s time to turn the clock back on. By asking one out of the box question for a first date, you are giving them something to ponder. There could be a heartburn or a bad episode or a mistake that she wants to forget.

What’s your friend group like – married or single?

Ask them about their friend group. Instead of directly asking about friends, ask if her friends are married or single. This gives you an insight into their friend circle and how much time they spend together. While married ones are less likely to frequently go out together, singles will be more open to partying and hanging out often.

What’s your favorite joke?

While not everyone is skilled at cracking jokes, but we all have some jokes in our kitty that we love to crack when we feel comfortable about a situation. Now is the time to make them feel comfortable in your company and ask about their favorite joke. Who knows this joke might be a memory to remember for a lifetime even if you part ways?

What’s the single piece of advice you want to give someone?

What are your life’s values? No, you cannot ask them directly about their values. But one way to learn a bit about their values is to ask them about one piece of advice they want to give others. Or in other words, ask them what is important in their life.

It’s an opportunity to learn something about them.

Do you love social interactions?

You want to know whether your date is an introvert or extrovert. Now you cannot ask this directly. But there is a way out to learn about her social side. So one uncommon question for a first date will be to ask them about their love for social interactions.

What did you do on last holiday?

Learn about how she likes to spend her time. What are her plans for the next holidays? This gives you an idea about her likes and dislikes. Remember her answers. If things go well between both, you can ride confidently on the life’s journey together and reinforce your relationship.

Sometimes out-of-the-box questions for a first date can bring a smile on your date’s face and give them an idea about your personality. The type of questions you ask will decide your personality traits. Their answer to your questions give you a good idea about them.

So this is a win-win for both sides, and you can decide whether to go forward or choose separate ways.



What is mindfulness and how does it apply to dating? Mindfulness is the practice of improving self-awareness about your thoughts, feelings, and actions. When applied to the dating scene, mindfulness can help improve relationship between partners. So let us see a few mindful dating tips that help you become more honest about your relationship and feelings toward one another.

1. Know Yourself

Start by knowing yourself because that is the most important relationship in life. To improve mindful dating, it would help to first know and understand your emotions and how those emotions translate into thoughts and actions. This should help you potentially change your thoughts and actions in certain situations. When you know yourself better, you can easily understand the other person.

The more you know yourself, the better your understanding of what exactly you want from your partner. This lays the foundation to a healthy relationship.

2. Talk real

Mindful dating is all about encouraging open and honest communication. Avoid making assumptions without understanding the situation. Try not to avoid hard things; rather, face one another directly and see in each other’s eyes while communicating.

When you make efforts to talk real, it is a step to improve your mindful practice and simultaneously build a strong relationship.

3. Shun negativity

You want to be loved and treated with respect. If you have experienced rejection, hurt, or abandonment, the clouds of negativity might surround you. But when it comes to mindful dating, you should practice living in the moment and forget all negative vibes or conflicts of the past. Remind yourself that you have the power to overcome such negative beliefs and you alone can do that. It might help to affirm this belief every day you get up. Practice this before you hit the bed at night. let law of attraction start to work in your favor.

4. Say bye to emotional triggers

Never let your past emotional triggers hurt your present and future thoughts and relationships. Identify your emotional burden and learn to release those pent-up feelings or frustration. Remind yourself that past is gone and future is to come. Empower yourself to develop different dating criteria on what matters most to you. The focus will then shift to finding a partner with a specific pattern of behavior.

5. Be honest

Being honest never hurts. Try to be your authentic self and do what makes you comfortable. State this to your date. If they think they do not see any future with you, take that positively. Let them go. Never hold the truth. Rather, practice honesty whether you are in a committed relationship or not.

Be honest with what you actually want. Introspect and ask yourself about what you need, what your expectations are, are you in the right relationship, and what you have learned. You have all the answers. 

A little introspection should be helpful.

Last but not the least, it always helps to define the space between both of you. It is a good idea to discuss this space with your partner and mutually agree on it. This is important to keep the relationship going. Both will know what is expected of the relationship and there will be no heartburn later.

Practicing these mindful dating tips should take you to the next level where you enter into a committed relationship if that is your goal. 


Are you looking for that one special person who will be your dream girl or prince charming? With numerous fake profiles and personalities around, it is but not easy to find true love, right? Luckily, there are still ways to find real love.

Try to be perfect

Well, true, that you want a perfect partner, but have you considered being one yourself? Food for thought, right? A majority of relationship problems is because of uneven expectations. So if you want real relationship, you ought to take a little responsibility to change yourself first. If you want a perfect partner, first, try to be one yourself. Once you do this, all unnecessary expectations will disappear. You can start making genuine connections and there will be no place for unhealthy relationships. So when you seek an amazing partner, first be one yourself.

Don’t sound needy

If you try to be one, you will never find happiness in life. People can easily sense needy behavior. If you try to garner someone’s attention or affection, you are being needy. It could be a major turn off. The other person might think of you in a different way. You do not have to sound salesy, right – not at all when trying to look for real relationship. In trying to be a people pleaser, you sound needy. But what is more important is to care about what you think of yourself. Your inability to take care of yourself is at the root of dating problems.

It’s you first

Unless you love yourself, nobody will love you. So start caring for yourself if you want others to respect, care for, and love you. A person who believes in self-care for physical and mental growth can do well in relationships. Caring for yourself is not being selfish. In fact, you will have a new outlook toward life and can engage with others genuinely.

Develop your interests

When you focus on developing your interests, you will be happier than ever. It gives you joy and pleasure. When you do so, you will meet genuine people who share your values. Some will be attracted to you based on your talent and interests. Real people love to meet those who share their interests and respect their passion. They are more likely to connect with those whose interests align with theirs.

Can You Find Real Love Online?

Well, there is nothing wrong in finding real love online. In fact, there are online dating apps that can connect you with people who are genuinely interested in a relationship. No doubt, these apps are great for meeting people quickly. If you are seriously seeking real love, there is no wrong in sending the message across to the other person on a first date. Do not lose heart if it scares them off. Rather, you have done yourself a favor by not wasting time with someone who was never meant for your love.

Real people might ask for time. So you can plan out a few meetings with them to know each other and decide if you have found real love. Express yourself honestly and be proud of yourself. However, with that said, be cautious of your choice. Do not be vulnerable. When you have decided to express yourself to the other person, you are willing to accept the consequences as well. 

No matter what the result of your honesty, do not feel hurt or desolate if the result goes against your wishes. You cannot control others’ intentions and thoughts, right?

Stay true to yourself and honestly take charge of the dating game. Real love will soon be your partner.

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Is dating after divorce a challenge? Well, it might seem like a daunting task, given the amount of hurt feelings, diminished confidence, and all sorts of relationship doubts you have.  But a divorce is not an end to the world, right? So dating after divorce is a new start to life. Who knows you might end up with someone who is made just for you?

Dating after Divorce Tips

Wait for the dating game

It is not the best time to jump into dating right away after a divorce. It is better to come in the right frame of mind in order to find a new dating partner. Remember, your mind could be full of anger and frustration at this time, especially if your partner cheated on you. You are hurt so give yourself some time before stepping up the dating game. This should allow you enough time to forget the hurt and frustration so the same feelings of doubt or jealously do not find a place in your new relationship.

Keep an eye out for someone special

When you feel that you have healed from the pain and frustration of divorce, you may start looking for a new dating partner. However, it is best to talk to the new date about your feelings of insecurity and mistrust that your previous relationship has left you with. This will ensure that they understand your emotions and keep things honest and transparent.

Identify what you need

Dating after divorce becomes easier when you identify the things you expect in your next partner to make the relationship feel fulfilled. Work on the pain points in your failed relationship and make sure the things do not repeat.

It all begins with prioritizing what you can and cannot live without. Make it clear before beginning with a new relationship. This will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t sacrifice

The need to step out of your comfort zone cannot be overstressed. You ought to stay true to yourself. Dating after divorce should not be a challenge if you know how to reconnect with yourself. When dating post-divorce, do not define yourself purely on the basis of your new relationship. You want to focus on who you are and date someone only if they accept you as who you are.

Be transparent

One of the golden rules of dating after divorce is to stay transparent and honest in your new relationship. When you are comfortable interacting with the person you are dating, honestly speak about everything. Do not hesitate to go into long conversations once you are comfortable with them. Share your life goals and expectations from the relationship if the other person looks compatible. Don’t shy away from asking them about their life goals. How does the other person reacts and responds? Can you still see potential? If so, both of you can decide to move forward together.

Trust your gut

You deserve a second chance, right. But you want to make sure you do not end up with a person who does not make a good match. So forget them and do not commit to this relationship. Trust your instincts when you start dating after divorce and make a decision based on your gut feeling.


Come winters, and it’s time to feel a little extra cozy, right? But 2020 sucks, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that has wreaked havoc all around to the extent that a majority of us have been struck inside the confines of our homes. Perhaps social distancing ensures that we stay indoors most of the time. But does that mean your dating life should suffer too? Of course, not! Here are some amazing winter date ideas 2020 to spice it up through the holidays.

Stargazing is fun

Perhaps it is time to become a child again. Gaze at the moonlight and the twinkling starts. You don’t need to go out too far for such a splendid sight. It is best viewed from your own terrace.  Star gazing is a fun activity that both of you would love. Doesn’t the idea of a planetarium show sound relaxing and romantic? This way you can spend quality time together. No doubt, it should bring both of you closer.

Make a gingerbread house

Add to the fun of making your gingerbread house along with your sweetie. What should add to some extra fun is taking up a gingerbread design that challenges your skills and requires more time. When you both practice together on a piece of art or challenge each other to make their own, you are in for some quality time for the holidays. Doesn’t that sound like an excellent winter date idea 2020?

A virtual workout is therapeutic

Think beyond the cocktails and bring in some fitness goals. You could do virtual yoga together or push-ups. When you decide to take up a virtual workout challenge with your special someone, it becomes even more interesting. Research shows that when two people mimic each other, they are more attuned to their partner.

Go for the adrenaline pumping indoor rock climbing

Can’t think of any winter date ideas for COVID times? Well, jump start your relationship with an activity that pumps up your adrenaline. Sharing a physical challenging activity can work like magical bond for your relationship. Rock climbing is one such activity to bring you both together.

If you aren’t too adventurous, go for an indoor activity, such as ping pong. Even research finds that the release of endorphins when two people work out together brings both closer. After the sporting fun, it’s time to deepen the date with some fond memories of the day.

Go camping in the backyard

When winter date ideas 2020 look a little too difficult to try, think of the open outdoor space in your yard. You do not need to go too far for a camping space elsewhere. Recreate the atmosphere in the backyard or terrace with outdoor string lights, soft blankets, a fire pit, and hot chocolate and that’s it.  You'll be all set for some romantic date night experience at home. add to the experience with some extra fun playing card games or counting the stars or just looking for the planet Venus. You will love every bit of this experience.

Volunteer together

While you are looking for a classy winter date idea in COVID times, the holiday season is an invitation to get involved with community efforts. When you both volunteer together for a cause you care for, that would bring you closer to each other.

Giving back to others with someone by your side who shares the same community spirit of giving back can promote connectedness.

Create a spa at home

Spoil each other with a spa-like environment at home with candles lit all around. Pick an aromatherapy oil for massage. Keep a robe ready with the scent of rose or lavender. Soak in aromatic warm water along with your sweetie for an amazing winter date 2020.

The stress of coronavirus pandemic can’t ruin your winter date ideas. Enjoy the company of your beloved with these awesome winter date ideas for coronavirus and make memories.


First dates can make or mar your relationship with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Making a small talk can work against you and signal the end of the relationship before it could begin. If you ask the wrong questions, you may set a bad impression and lose the opportunity to impress. So what are the questions to avoid on a first date?

Don’t Ask These Questions on A First Date


Why are you single?

For some, there is nothing wrong in being single. If you ask your date why they are still single, you might be sending wrong signals that you view being single as wrong. Or they might think that you are mocking at them for being single. There could be many reasons why they have remained a single. Never ask this at least on the first date.

Where do you see us going?

Well, this is still the first time you are together and asking them about their opinion as to where they see the relationship going might make you look desperate. This might annoy them. give both of you a chance to decide this later. It may not be the right time to ask this question.

Are you seeing someone else?

The first date is too soon to ask whether they are in a relationship still. When you ask this question, they might misinterpret it differently. For example, are you having sex with someone? Or how many people have you slept with?

Don’t you think the first date is too soon to ask this type of personal question? It sounds invasive and might create the impression that you are concerned only about virginity and sex.

That looks pricey, how much did it cost anyway?

This is one question not to ask on first date. If you ask someone you have never met before the cost of a watch, a handbag, an apartment that they own, they might see you as concerned with money. Of course, feel free to compliment them for owning such a beautiful piece but refrain from qualifying it with a price.

Additionally, it is wrong to ask them about their income at this stage. Their finances are none of your business. You must curb the urge to ask how much do they earn.

Do you want to have kids?

This is seriously one question not to ask on first date. It’s the first meeting of you together. Asking them serious questions right from the start might sound intrusive. This is the time to know each other. You are not even sure whether you two are meeting again. So take things on a lighter note. Give each other some space and never try to intrude. There is a time for everything. Until you know the person well, you would want to keep the question to yourself.

Why did your last relationship end?

It is too soon to ask about previous relationships and might seem rude too. It’s your first date still and none of your business to know the details of their ex or breakup. Why does it interest you to ask about their breakup? You are not even sure where you both are heading at this moment. So it’s not the best time to poke your nose into their personal life.

What’s your relationship with parents?

This is too personal a question to ask on a first date. More often than not, it can stir their emotions as well, especially if they have strained relationship with parents. Or if their parents are separated or divorced, they might not be too happy to answer your question. In fact, they may not have expected to answer such personal queries on a first date.

How can you work in such a job?

On your first date, you do not want to be judgmental, right? It’s not the right time to be judging someone on the basis of their job, clothes, or food choices. When you try to belittle your date’s choices, they may not take it lightly.

Do you always drink that much?

You do not want to sound as a loser on your first date, right? So restrict the urge to gauge your date on the basis of their preferences or tastes. You are seeing each other for the first time. It’s an opportunity to know each other. Forget everything else.

Are you having fun?

Your date’s body language can give you a clear idea as to whether they are having a great time or getting bored. Instead of putting up the wrong question on a first date, do something to cheer them up.  Remember, you don’t know about their behind-the-scenes story. So you do not want to end up hurting them in any way. Just make them feel comfortable. That’s it. It might set the stage for the next meet.

Questions not to ask on first date should not strike your mind in any way. Else, you might ruin your date and never ever meet each other again.




Is honesty the best policy while dating someone? How honest should you be on a first date? Well, honesty matters even if it is your first date. You never know it might be the beginning of a lasting relationship. Honesty lays the foundation of a long-lasting bond. But that’s not how most people think on a first date and choose to be fake. Is it the right way to approach a date? Should you be honest in dating? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself three questions that would give you the right direction.

What do you want from the date:

·         A real relationship

·         Something casual

·         Just time-pass

Reasons To Be Honest 

Show of Strength and Character

True, you might feel a little awkward dating someone for the first time, but you want to be your best version so you can go smooth and easy in the relationship. When you try to be honest on a date, it is a courageous thing to do. It is important to go layer by layer when you are trying to build a relationship. Honesty might just be the foundation you need to build that infrastructure.

Be Selective

Being honest about what you want in a relationship opens you up. But it could make you equally vulnerable too. So you want to be selective in opening up about yourself and creating an environment of trust. This should help your date feel equally comfortable to reveal something of importance. There are questions that you want answers to. Being honest might be the key to convince the other side to unravel those secrets.

Advocate What You Want

If you are looking to enter into a serious relationship, then it might help to be honest on a first date. Do not hesitate to ask what kind of relationship they seek. Speak up about your intentions and kick-start an important discussion.

This is one way to take control of your love life. Not to mention, this will set the stage for an open communication.

No Room for Future Awkwardness

When you start being honest on a date, you are revealing your true self. Keeping secrets on a first date could never give you the confidence to reveal it later. So it might help to be honest right at the start.  In fact, your honest approach might just be the confidence the other person needs to open up. When both are honest, there might be less time wastage and heartburn in the future.

However, the first date is also an opportunity to understand rather than commit to each other. If you both have a fun time with each other on the first date, chances are you have good chemistry. There is hope in the relationship. When both are honest, you know where your relationship is heading.

Bottom Line

Being real with someone will not hurt you nor should it offend the other person. After all, you both are dating each other for a goal – either to enter into a lasting relationship or just to have some fun time. When you are honest about yourself and expect the same from your date, then this makes things clear for both sides whether you are compatible with each other. If not, then you are dating the wrong person.

Unless you are being real, you are not doing yourself a justice by concealing your true self. Imagine who is blocking your way in finding what you are looking for!


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