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You lost your life partner some time back and feel lonely and isolated. Are you ready for dating after 60 and widowhood? Do you wonder if it is even right to date that late in life? Why not? You deserve to be happy, so there is no reason to let widowhood be a stumbling block for you to find someone in life. No doubt, the pain of losing a loved one stays with you forever but it is equally important to move on. The pain and loneliness may be too much to bear alone. In that case, finding someone special who understands your feelings and values them equally makes sense. So senior dating after 60 is a possibility.

Should You Be Dating After 60 and Widowhood?

When you’re 60 years and a widow, you are bound to find yourself all alone. Having a new partner is surely a comfort, and that does not always mean having a sexual partner. It’s more about having another human being in life when the loss of a life mate adds a lot of stress and pain in life. You may be in need for another partner who would ease your pain.

But if your deceased partner continues to flock your thoughts, you may not be fully prepared to let someone else in fully. You may want to wait until the pain subsides.  When you are still in pain, it may not be the right time to find a potential soulmate. You may choose to wait for 6 months and decide if you want to move on.

Are You A Bad Dating Material as a Widow?

A widow could be the perfect potential partner in your search for a healthy relationship. However, it is in your best interest to proceed cautiously with someone that has lost their loved one too. They may not be mentally ready to accept a new partner at the moment. Most widows need time to digest the loss of a loved one and tend to continue dwelling in the past. Some are even looking for a special person that can replicate their loved one.

So are you ready to date after widowhood?

Prepare yourself for Dating

You are wondering if dating after 60 and widowhood is a right step?

Well, first, it is important to feel complete on your own to attract a healthy relationship. However, some elderly widows start to feel guilty of looking for a new partner. They might feel they are betraying their deceased partner. But this is not the case.

You may continue to cherish your old relationship and celebrate the fond memories of your lost loved one. But you deserve to live happily. So it is wrong to let those feelings of betrayal sabotage your prospects of finding someone who could bring happiness to your life.

Share your feelings, desires, and expectations

Now that you are thinking of dating after 60 and widowhood, it’s time to plan what kind of relationship you are interested in. What are your desires? What do you want in the relationship? It is not wrong to be explicit about your feelings when you know each other. However, you should not reveal all of your feelings and expectations in the first date itself.

Do you value independence more?

If you think your man or woman was more in charge of your life and now that they are gone, you are independent of making your life’s decisions, dating after 60 and widowhood might not be the right decision. But if you are ready to let someone make a few decisions for you and complement your decisions, go ahead with dating after 60 and sharing your life with someone else.

Widows after 60 are interested in finding a partner who shares mutual interests, understanding, feelings, and common dreams. They want to be loved and appreciated by someone with whom they share their special moments, trying times, and laughter. So are you ready for dating after 60 and widowhood?

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