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No, you do not want to be unfair to your date, but there are certain dating dealbrearkers that might end your relationship even before beginning. Many new relationships are doomed right at the start because of certain dealbreakers, which could be a trait, habit, or personality that distracts you or you just cannot accept and compromise on. Now it could be something that you cannot expect to see in a romantic partner.

9 Common Dating Dealbreakers

1.      1. Boring

If a person is boring and has no life dreams, hobbies, or passions, you could see it as a dealbreaker. This could break their relationship with the person they are trying to date who could see them as boring.

2.      2. Bad manners

Well, you want your date to have good traits. But if they are rude and have a bag full of bad manners, you might not want to continue with them. In fact, behavior and personal traits can make or break a relationship. One such bad trait is cigarette smoking. Many people are plain unhappy sitting or dating with someone who smokes. The reason could be awful breath, bad teeth, ruined personality and /or looks, and poor health. Substance abuse could be a dating dealbreaker for many.

3.      3. Unwilling to change

Some people consider the other person’s unwillingness to change as a dealbreaker. Especially if the person is not keen to change for personal growth. This is especially true if they are stuck in a job but still do not want to learn and unlearn and/or expand their knowledge or hone their skills to do better in life. Many people see their partner in those who are open to change and not enslaved to their routine. Enjoying and accepting new experiences can help you avoid this dating blunder.

4.      4. Social media obsession

People obsessed with social media can ruin their relationship easily. Ignoring someone’s presence for social media is a dealbreaker that you want to avoid. This comes to be seen as insulting the other person.

5.     5.  Lack of respect for self-image or health

Not caring about your health or showing utter disregard for self is a deal breaker for some people. So it might help to be mindful about your health and show interest in maintaining your self-image or figure by focusing on a healthy lifestyle.

6.      6. Poor communication

If you're dating someone, you expect the communication to flow. But if the other person fails to communicate properly, is unable to explain their interests, and cannot accept or deny things, that's an ultimate dealbreaker. You cannot know a person without two-way communication where you speak and they listen and vice versa. Asking all the wrong dating questions could also put a full stop to the relationship.

7.     7.  Inconsistency

One of the biggest dating dealbreakers is inconsistency on the part of someone you're dating. If a person is untrustworthy because of inconsistent approach, this is a red signal and won’t take your relationship too far. There is bound to be a lot of friction in such a relationship. When you date someone, there is literally no place for friction.

8.      8. Disrespect for others

If someone you're dating fails to respect and value your morals, you may not be able to take the relationship far. Either tell them how to treat you by setting the standard and sticking to them or call it quits.

9.      9. Unfair expectations

The dating game can be a complex challenge, especially if there are unfair expectations. Asking for too much or expecting too much from a date might not be welcome for the other person. No doubt, this could be an easy dating dealbreaker. Never expect your partner too go above and beyond for you.

A relationship is like a vehicle that requires the fuel of constant communication, understanding, fairness, and respect. Unless you have these traits, you might not succeed in the dating game. Be wary of the dating dealbreakers and blunders in order to be able to take the dating game forward.


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