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First dates can make or mar your relationship with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Making a small talk can work against you and signal the end of the relationship before it could begin. If you ask the wrong questions, you may set a bad impression and lose the opportunity to impress. So what are the questions to avoid on a first date?

Don’t Ask These Questions on A First Date


Why are you single?

For some, there is nothing wrong in being single. If you ask your date why they are still single, you might be sending wrong signals that you view being single as wrong. Or they might think that you are mocking at them for being single. There could be many reasons why they have remained a single. Never ask this at least on the first date.

Where do you see us going?

Well, this is still the first time you are together and asking them about their opinion as to where they see the relationship going might make you look desperate. This might annoy them. give both of you a chance to decide this later. It may not be the right time to ask this question.

Are you seeing someone else?

The first date is too soon to ask whether they are in a relationship still. When you ask this question, they might misinterpret it differently. For example, are you having sex with someone? Or how many people have you slept with?

Don’t you think the first date is too soon to ask this type of personal question? It sounds invasive and might create the impression that you are concerned only about virginity and sex.

That looks pricey, how much did it cost anyway?

This is one question not to ask on first date. If you ask someone you have never met before the cost of a watch, a handbag, an apartment that they own, they might see you as concerned with money. Of course, feel free to compliment them for owning such a beautiful piece but refrain from qualifying it with a price.

Additionally, it is wrong to ask them about their income at this stage. Their finances are none of your business. You must curb the urge to ask how much do they earn.

Do you want to have kids?

This is seriously one question not to ask on first date. It’s the first meeting of you together. Asking them serious questions right from the start might sound intrusive. This is the time to know each other. You are not even sure whether you two are meeting again. So take things on a lighter note. Give each other some space and never try to intrude. There is a time for everything. Until you know the person well, you would want to keep the question to yourself.

Why did your last relationship end?

It is too soon to ask about previous relationships and might seem rude too. It’s your first date still and none of your business to know the details of their ex or breakup. Why does it interest you to ask about their breakup? You are not even sure where you both are heading at this moment. So it’s not the best time to poke your nose into their personal life.

What’s your relationship with parents?

This is too personal a question to ask on a first date. More often than not, it can stir their emotions as well, especially if they have strained relationship with parents. Or if their parents are separated or divorced, they might not be too happy to answer your question. In fact, they may not have expected to answer such personal queries on a first date.

How can you work in such a job?

On your first date, you do not want to be judgmental, right? It’s not the right time to be judging someone on the basis of their job, clothes, or food choices. When you try to belittle your date’s choices, they may not take it lightly.

Do you always drink that much?

You do not want to sound as a loser on your first date, right? So restrict the urge to gauge your date on the basis of their preferences or tastes. You are seeing each other for the first time. It’s an opportunity to know each other. Forget everything else.

Are you having fun?

Your date’s body language can give you a clear idea as to whether they are having a great time or getting bored. Instead of putting up the wrong question on a first date, do something to cheer them up.  Remember, you don’t know about their behind-the-scenes story. So you do not want to end up hurting them in any way. Just make them feel comfortable. That’s it. It might set the stage for the next meet.

Questions not to ask on first date should not strike your mind in any way. Else, you might ruin your date and never ever meet each other again.



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