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What is mindfulness and how does it apply to dating? Mindfulness is the practice of improving self-awareness about your thoughts, feelings, and actions. When applied to the dating scene, mindfulness can help improve relationship between partners. So let us see a few mindful dating tips that help you become more honest about your relationship and feelings toward one another.

1. Know Yourself

Start by knowing yourself because that is the most important relationship in life. To improve mindful dating, it would help to first know and understand your emotions and how those emotions translate into thoughts and actions. This should help you potentially change your thoughts and actions in certain situations. When you know yourself better, you can easily understand the other person.

The more you know yourself, the better your understanding of what exactly you want from your partner. This lays the foundation to a healthy relationship.

2. Talk real

Mindful dating is all about encouraging open and honest communication. Avoid making assumptions without understanding the situation. Try not to avoid hard things; rather, face one another directly and see in each other’s eyes while communicating.

When you make efforts to talk real, it is a step to improve your mindful practice and simultaneously build a strong relationship.

3. Shun negativity

You want to be loved and treated with respect. If you have experienced rejection, hurt, or abandonment, the clouds of negativity might surround you. But when it comes to mindful dating, you should practice living in the moment and forget all negative vibes or conflicts of the past. Remind yourself that you have the power to overcome such negative beliefs and you alone can do that. It might help to affirm this belief every day you get up. Practice this before you hit the bed at night. let law of attraction start to work in your favor.

4. Say bye to emotional triggers

Never let your past emotional triggers hurt your present and future thoughts and relationships. Identify your emotional burden and learn to release those pent-up feelings or frustration. Remind yourself that past is gone and future is to come. Empower yourself to develop different dating criteria on what matters most to you. The focus will then shift to finding a partner with a specific pattern of behavior.

5. Be honest

Being honest never hurts. Try to be your authentic self and do what makes you comfortable. State this to your date. If they think they do not see any future with you, take that positively. Let them go. Never hold the truth. Rather, practice honesty whether you are in a committed relationship or not.

Be honest with what you actually want. Introspect and ask yourself about what you need, what your expectations are, are you in the right relationship, and what you have learned. You have all the answers. 

A little introspection should be helpful.

Last but not the least, it always helps to define the space between both of you. It is a good idea to discuss this space with your partner and mutually agree on it. This is important to keep the relationship going. Both will know what is expected of the relationship and there will be no heartburn later.

Practicing these mindful dating tips should take you to the next level where you enter into a committed relationship if that is your goal. 

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