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Is honesty the best policy while dating someone? How honest should you be on a first date? Well, honesty matters even if it is your first date. You never know it might be the beginning of a lasting relationship. Honesty lays the foundation of a long-lasting bond. But that’s not how most people think on a first date and choose to be fake. Is it the right way to approach a date? Should you be honest in dating? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself three questions that would give you the right direction.

What do you want from the date:

·         A real relationship

·         Something casual

·         Just time-pass

Reasons To Be Honest 

Show of Strength and Character

True, you might feel a little awkward dating someone for the first time, but you want to be your best version so you can go smooth and easy in the relationship. When you try to be honest on a date, it is a courageous thing to do. It is important to go layer by layer when you are trying to build a relationship. Honesty might just be the foundation you need to build that infrastructure.

Be Selective

Being honest about what you want in a relationship opens you up. But it could make you equally vulnerable too. So you want to be selective in opening up about yourself and creating an environment of trust. This should help your date feel equally comfortable to reveal something of importance. There are questions that you want answers to. Being honest might be the key to convince the other side to unravel those secrets.

Advocate What You Want

If you are looking to enter into a serious relationship, then it might help to be honest on a first date. Do not hesitate to ask what kind of relationship they seek. Speak up about your intentions and kick-start an important discussion.

This is one way to take control of your love life. Not to mention, this will set the stage for an open communication.

No Room for Future Awkwardness

When you start being honest on a date, you are revealing your true self. Keeping secrets on a first date could never give you the confidence to reveal it later. So it might help to be honest right at the start.  In fact, your honest approach might just be the confidence the other person needs to open up. When both are honest, there might be less time wastage and heartburn in the future.

However, the first date is also an opportunity to understand rather than commit to each other. If you both have a fun time with each other on the first date, chances are you have good chemistry. There is hope in the relationship. When both are honest, you know where your relationship is heading.

Bottom Line

Being real with someone will not hurt you nor should it offend the other person. After all, you both are dating each other for a goal – either to enter into a lasting relationship or just to have some fun time. When you are honest about yourself and expect the same from your date, then this makes things clear for both sides whether you are compatible with each other. If not, then you are dating the wrong person.

Unless you are being real, you are not doing yourself a justice by concealing your true self. Imagine who is blocking your way in finding what you are looking for!


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