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Are you looking to date again? But since you have not dated for long and your last date was decades ago, the dating scene has surely changed.  So you are apprehensive about dating at 60 and want to be cautious with each step. Senior dating etiquette remains the same. 

Women still want to feel loved and cared for while men still do not hesitate to show their gentlemanly demeanor.  So what are the senior dating etiquette that you do not want to miss?

1.      First date payment

Should men always pay for the first date? Well, it is generally the case. But some senior men are now living on social security, which means they do not have a lot to splurge on lavish meals. So if men were to pay for the date, it is rational for women to their meal choices modest.  In some cases, men might expect their women partners to pay or at least pitch in.

2.      Senior dating behavior

If you are struggling with funds, it is in your best interest to keep your selection of venue in mind. Pay for dinner. When you’re spending less, it should not hurt to do all of those extra gentlemanly things. There is no monetary value attached to this show of etiquette but it will help in the growth of the feelings of attraction. Small gentlemanly etiquette can impress her. Open the restaurant door and car door for her. Present her a rose.

3.      Questions

Well, it’s your first date as a senior. You want to make this experience pleasant for both of you. It’s okay to ask a few questions about themselves. However, that does not mean throwing a volley of questions at her. It is a mistake to try to get all of the answers at once. This mistake might cause her date to freak out.

4.      Cultural differences

There are cultural differences and they might cause problems in senior relationships. Some seniors might come from a culture where affection was not openly shown. While you might find it a way to show love and affection by holding hands, some cultures may maintain distances and may not treat this as normal until you get to know each other or enter into a relationship. So you do not want to make the date feel uncomfortable. It would help to talk through cultural challenges first and show respect to each other.

5.      Take Your Time

Good senior etiquette is all about giving time to each other to understand and take the relationship further.  Do not forget to show gentlemanly behaviour at all occasions. Once the relationship is past a couple of months, you can ask her to meet at a venue. Your gentleman-like approach to the relationship will never be faulted. Some older daters can continue to correspond via email without actually meeting her in person. Now you do not want to get stuck in the email land; rather, it would help to meet sooner. Emailing is not dating. After transitioning to a committed relationship, it’s time to open up the discussion about taking the relationship further.

All in all, do not try to rush the process. Give the relationship time. Some senior daters are in a hurry to rush the process. Build confidence and trust in the relationship and exhibit senior dating etiquette as a showcase of your being a gentleman. You are more likely to win her heart if that’s what you aim to do.



Are you looking for senior dating tips? Are you wondering whether it is the right thing to do? First, there is nothing to be ashamed if you are a senior and looking for a date. Why spend the rest of your life mourning over the loss of a soulmate or disheartened after a painful divorce? You deserve to be happy. If you are emotionally ready to begin a new relationship, you should start looking for a date. But before that, you may want to make the decision on the type of relationship you are looking for. Are you interested in a serious relationship? Do you want to be married? Or you seek a casual companionship?

Rekindle the feeling

If the old memories of your ex or deceased spouse still haunt you, give yourself time to heal before entering into a new relationship. You do not want to let the baggage of bitterness or sadness burden your new relationship. Your bitterness might turn off a potential companion.

When those memories fade, you may want to think of someone else. You never know what the other person has gone through. Unless you are prepared to handle your pain and understand their emotions, you may like to stay away.

It might hurt your emotions further if you are yet not ready to listen in.

Time is a healer so move on

As far as senior dating is concerned, if you feel you have healed yourself of the anger or pain, you can take the next step to embrace someone else.  But it is perfectly fine to set your boundaries and find a partner who complements you. Alternatively, you are aware of your self-destructive habits, especially if your last relationship ended in a bitter divorce.

Shun those habits that might spoil your new bond. Anger or depression aren’t good habits to possess. Instead, embrace empathy and listen to your date and voice your feelings in an appropriate way. Is there a common ground? If so, you both might be the right fit for each other.

Where to search for a date?

Perhaps times have changed and the dating scene is no different. There is a new way to meet others or find a date online. Harness the power of the Internet to find your potential date. Do your homework and decide what you're interested in. It won’t hurt to stay safe. Exercise caution initially because you do not want to feel hurt again. Start with talking over the phone. Set up your first date in a coffee shop to get to know the date better.

Don’t automatically trust everything. Give yourself time to understand them. Be honest about what you’re looking for in terms of a relationship. If you share mutual feelings and the date seems the right fit for you, it’s time to take this relationship further.

Remember, trust is built gradually. One of the best senior dating tips is to take time to know someone well before making any decision on the relationship. Let a natural foundation of trust build. Yes, it may take months but that’s okay. It’s your life and you do not want to suffer any further after the hardships of a bitter relationship previously if you are a divorcee.


Dating in your 50s or 60s might be a little hard, but it is not something unthinkable. The dating rules apply to every age. So remember to stay safe and learn about yourself and the date before committing further. Wishing you happiness always!


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