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Come winters, and it’s time to feel a little extra cozy, right? But 2020 sucks, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that has wreaked havoc all around to the extent that a majority of us have been struck inside the confines of our homes. Perhaps social distancing ensures that we stay indoors most of the time. But does that mean your dating life should suffer too? Of course, not! Here are some amazing winter date ideas 2020 to spice it up through the holidays.

Stargazing is fun

Perhaps it is time to become a child again. Gaze at the moonlight and the twinkling starts. You don’t need to go out too far for such a splendid sight. It is best viewed from your own terrace.  Star gazing is a fun activity that both of you would love. Doesn’t the idea of a planetarium show sound relaxing and romantic? This way you can spend quality time together. No doubt, it should bring both of you closer.

Make a gingerbread house

Add to the fun of making your gingerbread house along with your sweetie. What should add to some extra fun is taking up a gingerbread design that challenges your skills and requires more time. When you both practice together on a piece of art or challenge each other to make their own, you are in for some quality time for the holidays. Doesn’t that sound like an excellent winter date idea 2020?

A virtual workout is therapeutic

Think beyond the cocktails and bring in some fitness goals. You could do virtual yoga together or push-ups. When you decide to take up a virtual workout challenge with your special someone, it becomes even more interesting. Research shows that when two people mimic each other, they are more attuned to their partner.

Go for the adrenaline pumping indoor rock climbing

Can’t think of any winter date ideas for COVID times? Well, jump start your relationship with an activity that pumps up your adrenaline. Sharing a physical challenging activity can work like magical bond for your relationship. Rock climbing is one such activity to bring you both together.

If you aren’t too adventurous, go for an indoor activity, such as ping pong. Even research finds that the release of endorphins when two people work out together brings both closer. After the sporting fun, it’s time to deepen the date with some fond memories of the day.

Go camping in the backyard

When winter date ideas 2020 look a little too difficult to try, think of the open outdoor space in your yard. You do not need to go too far for a camping space elsewhere. Recreate the atmosphere in the backyard or terrace with outdoor string lights, soft blankets, a fire pit, and hot chocolate and that’s it.  You'll be all set for some romantic date night experience at home. add to the experience with some extra fun playing card games or counting the stars or just looking for the planet Venus. You will love every bit of this experience.

Volunteer together

While you are looking for a classy winter date idea in COVID times, the holiday season is an invitation to get involved with community efforts. When you both volunteer together for a cause you care for, that would bring you closer to each other.

Giving back to others with someone by your side who shares the same community spirit of giving back can promote connectedness.

Create a spa at home

Spoil each other with a spa-like environment at home with candles lit all around. Pick an aromatherapy oil for massage. Keep a robe ready with the scent of rose or lavender. Soak in aromatic warm water along with your sweetie for an amazing winter date 2020.

The stress of coronavirus pandemic can’t ruin your winter date ideas. Enjoy the company of your beloved with these awesome winter date ideas for coronavirus and make memories.

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