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If you are single and looking for love, you want to meet the right person with whom you can establish a love connection. It is easy to become discouraged about dating when you take a dip into the dating world and find too many dating hindrances and are unable to find the right connection. Let’s burst some common dating myths.

Myth: Unless there is an instant attraction to someone, you should not pursue the relationship.

Fact: Well, you want to stay away from this myth. Instant sexual attraction or love at first sight does not happen in all cases. You might have come across some friends turning lifelong lovers. True love can take time so give your relationship time to develop. Research claims that 43% of singles found their partners not attractive first but later fell in love with them.

Myth: True love is constant

Fact: Nothing is constant in life. Love is no exception either. But that doesn’t mean you should lose faith over love. Physical attraction may fade over time though.

Myth: Men don't like to be invited on a date by women

This is one of the biggest dating misconceptions that you should not believe. The reality is different though. In fact, most men feel more comfortable when a woman asks them out.

Myth: Journal your thoughts to overcome the pain of a breakup

Some people believe that a tear-stained notebook is the solution to overcoming the pain of losing your love. But it might make your situation even worse. Alternatively, your focus should be on turning your journaling hobby to write a narrative that sees the breakup as learning experience.

Myth: If it has to happen, the first date spark is a must

Here is another dating myth that you should be willing to disbelieve. If the spark does not happen at the first date, that does not mean it cannot get serious. In fact, if you both had a nice time together, it is a good idea to plan a second and third date. But if you cannot see a spark in the following meetings, you may call it quits. The spark can happen over time and is not necessarily at the first sight always.

Myth: It should be lust at first sight

This is the biggest blunders in dating that you want to avoid. Lust at first sight is not necessary for love to bloom. It may happen when you are dating for the first time or seeing each other for the third or fourth time. Sometimes one-night stands turn into lifelong love. In other cases, the relationship does not go beyond the first night.

Myth: You cannot find true love Online

Another dating myth worth busting is that online dating cannot be serious. You might be surprised to find that these days love is happening online. In fact, most people turn to online dating as their lives are busy and cannot find love in the real world. They turn to online platforms to meet like-minded people. When you actually find someone who shares your views, you are more likely to be on a level playing field. So it has nothing to do with where you are finding love.

Love can surely happen online.

Myth: Successful women do not like dating an unsuccessful guy

The reality is different. Research claims that 87% of single men date a successful woman who makes relatively more money than him. Food for thought!

Myth: Females are more romantic

In reality, men turn out to be more romantic. They are more likely to be the ones to convey their intimacy to the woman, saying "I love you."

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Dating need not be a tough terrain for all the lesbians out there. Unlike gay relationships, lesbians might find the terrain slightly tougher. However, here are some dating tips for lesbians to find their dream girl and make merry.

1.      Don’t fall for a girl with a boyfriend

You are a lesbian and do not like boys. So one lesbian dating tip you cannot deny is to look for a like-minded girl who is not with a boyfriend. It amounts to inviting trouble. You don’t want that, right? Your best life mate will be one who loves to stay in the company of girls more than boys. That’s it. So it would be a mistake to wait for a girl to break up with her boyfriend to be with you. There are hundreds of thousands others waiting to be yours. Go, explore.

2.      Find places to meet your dream girl

Is there a lesbian at work? Go and acquaint yourself. There is nothing to be shy. In fact, she might be happy to know that you’re part of her tribe. You are good to go together. Or you could spread the word in your friend circle that you are single and ready to mingle with a hot girl.

Online dating apps for lesbians are a good platform too. If you cannot find one locally, go online. Who knows your girl might be sitting away from your surroundings in another region or even country? Love knows no boundaries, right? Explore!

3.      Be your best

Lesbian dating is all about understanding your date. Schedule a time and date to meet your special girl. Ask her about her likes and make her feel special. Try to find what is more important to her. What’s her favorite activity? Be ready with your answers as well. However, this is not the time to talk about your ex.

Girls do not like the mention of another girl. The case with lesbian dating is no different. But be honest and tell her if you are enjoying her company. Compliment her. Tell her, “you look beautiful.” “I love your eyes.” Talk a little and then make the first move, saying “you’re so sexy and make me nervous.”

If both of you click together, it’s time for another romantic rendezvous.

4.     Don’t hesitate to follow up

When looking for the best lesbian tips, you want to make sure you don’t forget to follow up.

Okay, so you have had an amazing date together. Call her or text the same night to tell her how amazing you feel after meeting her. Show that you’ve been thinking of her all the while.

This is an open invitation to her to intimate her interest. Demonstrate your availability for texting so she knows that you are always there for her, irrespective of the hour on the clock.

Set the ball rolling in your favor and wait for her heart to beat for you.

5.      Get permission

Lesbian dating can never go wrong if you seek her permission. There’s nothing wrong in asking her consent to make the first move. “Can I kiss you,” do not hesitate to ask. 

This makes her feel flattered, respectful, and honest. Remember, that first kiss could be a game changer while being an anxiety-provoking experience too.

Stay excited. Stay motivated. Wear that smile on your face. The spark in your eyes might just become the reason for her to fall for you. It may or may not be love at first sight. But if you are like-minded, lesbian dating cannot get easier than that.

You are made for each other. Congratulations!





Gay dating requires a lot of patience and understanding from both guys. If you seek a gay relationship, you want to avoid dating mistakes that most gay couples make.

There is a lot of misunderstanding between both partners on being in an open gay relationship. Each relationship is all about honoring boundaries and agreements. As a gay partner, you both want to discuss this every few months. If there are no agreements or boundaries, this could ruin relationship.

You cannot ignore the need to match tempers with your gay partner. If both are short-tempered, that won’t take your relationship too far. It is important to share your feelings and expectations. It is equally important to set boundaries. Communication breakdown can result in a ruined relationship. Unless you trust your partner, gay dating mistakes are bound to happen. Don’t be afraid of discussing your problems with him.

Compromising on issues

When you are together, you may either have the same goals or be completely okay with compromising your objectives. Are you ready to compromise on certain issues? If you are not, then it is better to part ways instead of making the gay dating mistake of holding on to someone who has different principles and goals.

Settling for someone who is an opposite

Do opposites really attract? Well, not always. So if your partner is a complete opposite in preferences, choices, missions, and likes, the relationship might not go a long way. It is bound to come to an end one day. Harmonious couples are more likely to grow well together and be in love forever than opposites. Do not make the gay dating mistake of continuing with them.

Moving together too fast

Most gay couples instinctively move together as soon as they find love with the other partner. But it is a dating mistake the gay should avoid. Discuss the responsibilities of each other. What are the borders? This will ensure that you both live happily ever after and do not cross boundaries either.

Studying the behavior of the partner and understanding their weaknesses and strengths will make you a happy couple.

Judging by appearance

Attractive looks matter but they should not be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a gay partner. This is one common gay dating mistake that many of those seeking love make. You may have certain style or looks preferences and in searching for one who matches your personality criteria, you might have ignored someone better.

One person might have the same personality traits but hold an opposite world view and have different preferences. Losing your heart to him may not work in the long run for you. Rather, look for a decent single who is made just for you.

Mixing your past dating experience into new relationship

Avoid making the gay dating mistake of taking your previous romantic experience into your new gay relationship. Everyone is not the same. You might have suffered a lot of emotional scars from your previous relationship. Let you learn a lesson from them. But never let those emotional abuses ruin your peace of mind or present relationship. Be honest with your guy. It is best to share your views and pay heed to them too. That’s the secret to a healthy communication. Truly, it might help nurture your relationship too.

Not trusting gay dating sites

If you seek a gay partner, then your best opportunity to find one lies in dating sites for men. You cannot keep sitting in your apartment day dreaming about a potential gay partner. Unless you log onto social networking or gay dating sites, you might be making this dating mistake of sitting without doing anything.

Do not be afraid to join dating sites for gay men to explore a plethora of choices. Your dream guy might be a few clicks away. So what are you waiting for?





If you are an introvert, dating might seem like a challenge because you have a lot of social energy to spend. But your task is to find all barriers and take a step forward. Being an Introvert doesn’t mean the dating scene is not for you.

Alternatively, it doesn’t mean you’re bad at communication. Being an introvert, you have an inherent skill of listening to others, which is the trait of a great conversationalist that people want to be company with. Here are dating tips for introverts to take the awkwardness out of your first date. Ready for the good news?

Be yourself

Don’t try to step into the shoes of another. Be yourself. However, you should not hide the fact that you are an introvert. Wait for the right time to open up and be honest.

An introvert might find a first date slightly uncomfortable. Don’t worry and embrace the opportunity! Your first date as an introvert could be a minefield of mindless chatter. But that does not mean you do not deserve to be on a date.

 Introverts find any form of socializing as an activity that drains their strength and deplete their ideas. You fear rejection and/or romance.

But in order to be in love and find a date, you must exploit the “dating for introverts” opportunity. Now that does not mean your first date will go as expected. Don’t take it as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; rather, treat it like a practice session.

When you start viewing dating as practice, you will learn something from every single date. Take it as a great learning experience. Not all first dates are made for you. But this learning experience will help you be ready to charm that special someone who makes your heart sing now that you already know where you falter.

Be bold

Introverts are happy with themselves but if you feel like exploring the dating for introverts opportunity to find your soul mate, try to be bold enough to suggest a follow-up date after the first one. It’s absolutely okay if that first date did not work. Some dates do not.

Don’t pretend to be someone else

You are doing yourself no favor in trying to be an extrovert. Do not hesitate to clear things up early on. Clearly state on your profile that you are an introvert. This will help clear up things upfront and you will have nothing much to worry later.

Take the spotlight away from you

Let the conversation revolve around the other person than you. Taking the spotlight off yourself gives you an opportunity to take it easy and feel confident to open up slowly.

Don’t fear rejection

Instead keep rejection on mind. One of the basics of dating for introverts is to never let the fear of rejection drag your feet back. Rejections are common in the dating scene. You should be ready to face one. It’s okay to come out of the self-inhibiting cocoon and take a step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes some lessons are for a lifetime and are learned the hard way.

If someone rejects, that means the other person doesn’t know you. It’s their loss, not yours.

So move on and think from a different perspective. Love yourself more and accept rejection like a lesson.

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There are primarily five stages of dating, from attraction to engagement. The other stages include disappointment, commitment, and intimacy. When you start to date someone, you will pass through these five stages of dating, but not in all cases. This is true only if both sides are interested in a lifetime commitment.

Does it hold true for online dating?

Well, users of dating sites agree with this fact that every relationship passes through 5 main stages. It is no different for those trying out online dating.

·        Attraction and Romance

·        Disappointment or Reality

·        Commitment

·        Intimacy

·        Engagement

Some relationships do not progress until the last stage due to the lack of compatibility and commitment.


It all begins with attraction. It may be due to the looks of the other person or their style. It’s at the beginning of the dating stage. This phase may last one to three months or more in some cases. This is the least unsustainable stage and people who prefer to change partners frequently often try to remain in the attraction stage.  Seeing only good in another person, spending a lot of time together, and no sight of conflict are the characteristics of attraction stage.


If both partners continue to be committed, they enter the reality stage, which may be quite different from the first stage. The phase often lasts six months. This is the stage when attraction gives way to reality. It’s a kind of eye-opener for both.

There is a high chance of the relationship ending in disdain as you start to see flaws in another person. You may often wonder whether you have made a mistake. However, while some relationships end at this dating stage, some may be willing to accept each other's flaws. That means, you can progress to the next stage.


If your relationship stands the test of the second stage, you enter the third dating stage. This stage could be even worse as disappointments set in. Small differences might look like a balloon. You might wonder if the other person is right for you. At times, you might be forced to think that the relationship is ending. You might decide to break up.

On the other hand, if partners understand each other and do not give up communication, the relationship may be given another chance to survive.


If your relationship survives the instability of stage three, it’s a lifetime opportunity to strengthen the bond. You enjoy this stage and allow the relationship time to develop and grow. When a relationship enters stability, it’s most likely to progress into commitment. That means you have been together for quite some time and understand each other better. You have realized how to work through the differences and still respect and love each other. While there is no longer the attraction fantasy, you are in real love now. Keeping the spark alive might reinforce the relationship further.


The last on the list of dating stages, which are also relationship stages, commitment is all you need to be partners and forever in love. While not all couples make it this far, if you do, you can decide to tie the knot and be together forever. Now that you have chosen to be committed to each other, that means you have accepted their flaws, and their weaknesses do not bother you any longer.

It’s a sign you are in love and want to be committed and envision seeing both of you together forever.

These are primarily the most common dating stages from which every relationship passes. From attraction to commitment, it’s a journey that will end up in a fruitful relationship. Happy dating

Are you looking for that one special person who will be your dream girl or prince charming? With numerous fake profiles and personalities around, it is but not easy to find true love, right? Luckily, there are still ways to find real love.

Try to be perfect

Well, true, that you want a perfect partner, but have you considered being one yourself? Food for thought, right? A majority of relationship problems is because of uneven expectations. So if you want real relationship, you ought to take a little responsibility to change yourself first. If you want a perfect partner, first, try to be one yourself. Once you do this, all unnecessary expectations will disappear. You can start making genuine connections and there will be no place for unhealthy relationships. So when you seek an amazing partner, first be one yourself.

Don’t sound needy

If you try to be one, you will never find happiness in life. People can easily sense needy behavior. If you try to garner someone’s attention or affection, you are being needy. It could be a major turn off. The other person might think of you in a different way. You do not have to sound salesy, right – not at all when trying to look for real relationship. In trying to be a people pleaser, you sound needy. But what is more important is to care about what you think of yourself. Your inability to take care of yourself is at the root of dating problems.

It’s you first

Unless you love yourself, nobody will love you. So start caring for yourself if you want others to respect, care for, and love you. A person who believes in self-care for physical and mental growth can do well in relationships. Caring for yourself is not being selfish. In fact, you will have a new outlook toward life and can engage with others genuinely.

Develop your interests

When you focus on developing your interests, you will be happier than ever. It gives you joy and pleasure. When you do so, you will meet genuine people who share your values. Some will be attracted to you based on your talent and interests. Real people love to meet those who share their interests and respect their passion. They are more likely to connect with those whose interests align with theirs.

Can You Find Real Love Online?

Well, there is nothing wrong in finding real love online. In fact, there are online dating apps that can connect you with people who are genuinely interested in a relationship. No doubt, these apps are great for meeting people quickly. If you are seriously seeking real love, there is no wrong in sending the message across to the other person on a first date. Do not lose heart if it scares them off. Rather, you have done yourself a favor by not wasting time with someone who was never meant for your love.

Real people might ask for time. So you can plan out a few meetings with them to know each other and decide if you have found real love. Express yourself honestly and be proud of yourself. However, with that said, be cautious of your choice. Do not be vulnerable. When you have decided to express yourself to the other person, you are willing to accept the consequences as well. 

No matter what the result of your honesty, do not feel hurt or desolate if the result goes against your wishes. You cannot control others’ intentions and thoughts, right?

Stay true to yourself and honestly take charge of the dating game. Real love will soon be your partner.


Are you looking to date again? But since you have not dated for long and your last date was decades ago, the dating scene has surely changed.  So you are apprehensive about dating at 60 and want to be cautious with each step. Senior dating etiquette remains the same. 

Women still want to feel loved and cared for while men still do not hesitate to show their gentlemanly demeanor.  So what are the senior dating etiquette that you do not want to miss?

1.      First date payment

Should men always pay for the first date? Well, it is generally the case. But some senior men are now living on social security, which means they do not have a lot to splurge on lavish meals. So if men were to pay for the date, it is rational for women to their meal choices modest.  In some cases, men might expect their women partners to pay or at least pitch in.

2.      Senior dating behavior

If you are struggling with funds, it is in your best interest to keep your selection of venue in mind. Pay for dinner. When you’re spending less, it should not hurt to do all of those extra gentlemanly things. There is no monetary value attached to this show of etiquette but it will help in the growth of the feelings of attraction. Small gentlemanly etiquette can impress her. Open the restaurant door and car door for her. Present her a rose.

3.      Questions

Well, it’s your first date as a senior. You want to make this experience pleasant for both of you. It’s okay to ask a few questions about themselves. However, that does not mean throwing a volley of questions at her. It is a mistake to try to get all of the answers at once. This mistake might cause her date to freak out.

4.      Cultural differences

There are cultural differences and they might cause problems in senior relationships. Some seniors might come from a culture where affection was not openly shown. While you might find it a way to show love and affection by holding hands, some cultures may maintain distances and may not treat this as normal until you get to know each other or enter into a relationship. So you do not want to make the date feel uncomfortable. It would help to talk through cultural challenges first and show respect to each other.

5.      Take Your Time

Good senior etiquette is all about giving time to each other to understand and take the relationship further.  Do not forget to show gentlemanly behaviour at all occasions. Once the relationship is past a couple of months, you can ask her to meet at a venue. Your gentleman-like approach to the relationship will never be faulted. Some older daters can continue to correspond via email without actually meeting her in person. Now you do not want to get stuck in the email land; rather, it would help to meet sooner. Emailing is not dating. After transitioning to a committed relationship, it’s time to open up the discussion about taking the relationship further.

All in all, do not try to rush the process. Give the relationship time. Some senior daters are in a hurry to rush the process. Build confidence and trust in the relationship and exhibit senior dating etiquette as a showcase of your being a gentleman. You are more likely to win her heart if that’s what you aim to do.



You lost your life partner some time back and feel lonely and isolated. Are you ready for dating after 60 and widowhood? Do you wonder if it is even right to date that late in life? Why not? You deserve to be happy, so there is no reason to let widowhood be a stumbling block for you to find someone in life. No doubt, the pain of losing a loved one stays with you forever but it is equally important to move on. The pain and loneliness may be too much to bear alone. In that case, finding someone special who understands your feelings and values them equally makes sense. So senior dating after 60 is a possibility.

Should You Be Dating After 60 and Widowhood?

When you’re 60 years and a widow, you are bound to find yourself all alone. Having a new partner is surely a comfort, and that does not always mean having a sexual partner. It’s more about having another human being in life when the loss of a life mate adds a lot of stress and pain in life. You may be in need for another partner who would ease your pain.

But if your deceased partner continues to flock your thoughts, you may not be fully prepared to let someone else in fully. You may want to wait until the pain subsides.  When you are still in pain, it may not be the right time to find a potential soulmate. You may choose to wait for 6 months and decide if you want to move on.

Are You A Bad Dating Material as a Widow?

A widow could be the perfect potential partner in your search for a healthy relationship. However, it is in your best interest to proceed cautiously with someone that has lost their loved one too. They may not be mentally ready to accept a new partner at the moment. Most widows need time to digest the loss of a loved one and tend to continue dwelling in the past. Some are even looking for a special person that can replicate their loved one.

So are you ready to date after widowhood?

Prepare yourself for Dating

You are wondering if dating after 60 and widowhood is a right step?

Well, first, it is important to feel complete on your own to attract a healthy relationship. However, some elderly widows start to feel guilty of looking for a new partner. They might feel they are betraying their deceased partner. But this is not the case.

You may continue to cherish your old relationship and celebrate the fond memories of your lost loved one. But you deserve to live happily. So it is wrong to let those feelings of betrayal sabotage your prospects of finding someone who could bring happiness to your life.

Share your feelings, desires, and expectations

Now that you are thinking of dating after 60 and widowhood, it’s time to plan what kind of relationship you are interested in. What are your desires? What do you want in the relationship? It is not wrong to be explicit about your feelings when you know each other. However, you should not reveal all of your feelings and expectations in the first date itself.

Do you value independence more?

If you think your man or woman was more in charge of your life and now that they are gone, you are independent of making your life’s decisions, dating after 60 and widowhood might not be the right decision. But if you are ready to let someone make a few decisions for you and complement your decisions, go ahead with dating after 60 and sharing your life with someone else.

Widows after 60 are interested in finding a partner who shares mutual interests, understanding, feelings, and common dreams. They want to be loved and appreciated by someone with whom they share their special moments, trying times, and laughter. So are you ready for dating after 60 and widowhood?


When it comes to online dating, the first thing that strikes the mind is that it is for young singles. But the reality is fast changing. Senior singles are also finding their soul mates online. This gives you reasons to jump onto online dating platforms to find your special someone. However, there are also concerns about online dating safety for seniors, giving the rising incidences of scams on the Internet.

How Older Singles Can Avoid Online Dating Scams

Before jumping onto the Internet bandwagon, older adults should get more insight into the online dating best practices. It is important to learn about the risks and potential red flags before showing interest in a profile. Here are a few tips on online dating safety for seniors.

Avoid sharing personal details

Now you do not want to share your personal information online with a stranger. This includes your contact details, date of birth, and Social Security number. Of course, the idea is to secure information that might be exploited for identity theft. Not only this, senior singles should refrain from sharing details about their routine and children.

Avoid revealing financial details

Most of the online scammers are trying to dupe you of your money. Revealing your financial information to a stranger is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid. Giving away money is another. If your date asks you for money, it could be a scam. Do not offer a cent unless you are sure about the other person and know them well. Run away from a date that says they can’t access their email or bank account and are in financial emergency. You do not want to take your relationship forward with a date that asks you to wire money or reload their gift cards.

Take time to respond to first ‘sight’ love

Most scammers are quick to convey their “strong feelings.”  They may not hesitate to speak up their emotions within a few days of starting online communication with you. If someone has just met you online and expresses their strong feelings, take your time to determine their reality. It could be a scammer trying to bewitch you with their feelings in order to steal your financial details.

Avoid anybody that rejects video/phone calls

One of the most important online dating safety for seniors tips is to avoid anybody who is unwilling to talk over phone or on a video call. They might be trying to steal their identity.

Forget about anybody who talks of horrible financial crisis

A scammer is more interested in your money than anything else. So most of their conversation could surround money. They may weave stories around financial distress and try to emotionally attract your attention to their ongoing monetary “crisis.”  They might say they are a victim of fraud or have suffered a dramatic death of a loved one and need money to pay for their funeral. Or one of the most common financial excuses is a layoff and/or loss of pension.

How To Avoid Online Dating Risks For Seniors

Joining a reputable online dating site can significantly reduce the risk of fraud in the Internet dating world. Reputable sites have access to an array of resources to do a security and profile verification. These websites want to maintain their reputation and have stringent policies on senior dating fraud. It would help to be an online sleuth and explore the social media profiles of your date. If they do not have any online presence, except a presence in the dating site, it could be a red signal.



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The dating world has changed from what it was decades ago. Now that you are 50, you might find it even daunting and intimidating. However, dating can be a lot of fun if you find the right person. In fact, it is a great opportunity to find someone who could be the most important person in your life. Dating at 50 need not be daunting, though it won’t be anything like it was when you were in your twenties.

Online dating

Meeting people online is a huge change from the traditional dating game. But that does not mean you cannot find a trustworthy relationship online. Get a friend’s advice on your online profile and picture before publishing your dating profile online. Finding someone serious may take some time as mature men and women are still reluctant to find a genuine romantic connection online.

Take up a hobby

You might be surprised to learn that one of the top dating at 50 tips is to take up a hobby and then try to find a like-minded person who shares the same love. When you are mature enough at 50 years of age, you can connect better with like-minded people. Who knows you might come into touch with lots of new people who love the same hobby as you. This can bring you both closer.

Clear it up with family

Dating at 50 might make you feel a little self-conscious when it comes to revealing the secret to family and friends. If you have grown-up children, you might feel a little more intimidated. But you need a good support network if you are serious about pursuing a happy romantic relationship. 

Reveal the news to your kids and do not hesitate to communicate about the big changes expected in your life.

Learn to deal with rejections

Even at 50, dating might be a little intimidating. Every person is not the same. All people have different tastes and preferences. While one loves a pineapple, another loves apples. So you do not have to feel dejected if someone rejects your invitation of dating at 50. There is no reason to give up.

If you’re experiencing frustration with dating at 50 years, remember that you may not find the love of your life on the first or second date. You may need to go on date with different people before actually finding someone special. A few bad experiences should not leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s absolutely normal.

Leave your insecurities out

Remember, there is no space for negativity or insecurity feelings. Forget the sad feelings from the past. Your failed relationship is history now. You have to get back to your life and not carry the burden along. Do not let yourself suffer from any guilt feeling. First, clear your mind of all negativity and put yourself in a positive frame of mind that you are ready for the dating at 50 game.

Remember that it’s okay to take things slowly and feel comfortable with someone. It’s perfectly fine to wait for someone with whom you can establish the right connection. All the best.

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