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If you are single and looking for love, you want to meet the right person with whom you can establish a love connection. It is easy to become discouraged about dating when you take a dip into the dating world and find too many dating hindrances and are unable to find the right connection. Let’s burst some common dating myths.

Myth: Unless there is an instant attraction to someone, you should not pursue the relationship.

Fact: Well, you want to stay away from this myth. Instant sexual attraction or love at first sight does not happen in all cases. You might have come across some friends turning lifelong lovers. True love can take time so give your relationship time to develop. Research claims that 43% of singles found their partners not attractive first but later fell in love with them.

Myth: True love is constant

Fact: Nothing is constant in life. Love is no exception either. But that doesn’t mean you should lose faith over love. Physical attraction may fade over time though.

Myth: Men don't like to be invited on a date by women

This is one of the biggest dating misconceptions that you should not believe. The reality is different though. In fact, most men feel more comfortable when a woman asks them out.

Myth: Journal your thoughts to overcome the pain of a breakup

Some people believe that a tear-stained notebook is the solution to overcoming the pain of losing your love. But it might make your situation even worse. Alternatively, your focus should be on turning your journaling hobby to write a narrative that sees the breakup as learning experience.

Myth: If it has to happen, the first date spark is a must

Here is another dating myth that you should be willing to disbelieve. If the spark does not happen at the first date, that does not mean it cannot get serious. In fact, if you both had a nice time together, it is a good idea to plan a second and third date. But if you cannot see a spark in the following meetings, you may call it quits. The spark can happen over time and is not necessarily at the first sight always.

Myth: It should be lust at first sight

This is the biggest blunders in dating that you want to avoid. Lust at first sight is not necessary for love to bloom. It may happen when you are dating for the first time or seeing each other for the third or fourth time. Sometimes one-night stands turn into lifelong love. In other cases, the relationship does not go beyond the first night.

Myth: You cannot find true love Online

Another dating myth worth busting is that online dating cannot be serious. You might be surprised to find that these days love is happening online. In fact, most people turn to online dating as their lives are busy and cannot find love in the real world. They turn to online platforms to meet like-minded people. When you actually find someone who shares your views, you are more likely to be on a level playing field. So it has nothing to do with where you are finding love.

Love can surely happen online.

Myth: Successful women do not like dating an unsuccessful guy

The reality is different. Research claims that 87% of single men date a successful woman who makes relatively more money than him. Food for thought!

Myth: Females are more romantic

In reality, men turn out to be more romantic. They are more likely to be the ones to convey their intimacy to the woman, saying "I love you."

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