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Being shy is not a sin. Many people are shy, so are you. But when it comes to dating, you seem to struggle and are not able to overcome the self-imposed fear. You cannot seem to find a way out. Of course, you do not want to step out of your comfort zone either. Worry not. There are dating tips for shy guys that can help you break the barriers and find a soul mate.

Look for like-minded types

The whole process gets easier when you start looking for somebody who shares common interests or shared circumstances. When you meet a like-minded person, you can break the ice. Try joining a group to make things easier. Else, get the help of your friends.

Choose wisely

If you are taking a girl to a date, you want to go to a place you are familiar with. It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed. A familiar setting is meant just for that. You can feel relaxed and have fun as well. This will allow you more time to focus on your date instead of worrying about the whole unfamiliar setup.

Stay within your comfort zone

It’s okay to stay within your comfort zone as long as you want to. The whole idea is to gain more self-confidence. When you do feel confident about yourself and have no fears about the relationship, you have already broken the ice.

Improve your body language

While it’s okay to be comfortable in your own skin, but there are a few personality traits that you should try to focus as a dating tip for shy guys. If you slouch when you walk, it’s time to improve your body language. The idea is to feel even more confident about your looks and personality. Wear a smile always and you can win over anyone.

Keep it short and simple

When you want to approach a girl for dating, start with a small conversation about her interests and hobbies. This gives you an idea about her. By the end of the conversation, you may ask for her number. If she seems interested, go ahead.

Be alert of her signals

You want to stay alert to her signals. Watch out for those tell-tale signs that point toward her intentions and interest in you. Does she go out of her way for you? Does she smile too often to jokes that aren’t too funny? Does she always wear a smile upon seeing you?

Once you notice these signs, you have a hint that she is attracted toward you.

Let her know you are shy

One of the best dating tips for shy men is to let the woman know you are an introvert and reserved kind. You may not be loud or rude or even extremely funny, but you still have a heart that is looking for someone special. When you reveal this to her, she might be interested in your honesty and authenticity. If she welcomes you, go ahead with the relationship. You are made for each other.

Be friends with women that don’t attract you

You should start to interact with girls that do not appeal to you. May be there is someone you do not consider apt for dating. But since you are shy, you are unable to speak up to those that attract you. So one way to break the ice is to be friends with women whether they attract you or not. You can build confidence and the dating scene should get easier for you.

It might help to build social skills that help you interact with the fairer sex in a better way. This will also help you overcome shyness and be a confident-looking guy.

Be a dating material yourself in order to attract the opposite sex. These dating tips for shy guys should make life a little easier when you seriously want to find someone special.

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