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First dates can make or mar your relationship with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Making a small talk can work against you and signal the end of the relationship before it could begin. If you ask the wrong questions, you may set a bad impression and lose the opportunity to impress. So what are the questions to avoid on a first date?

Don’t Ask These Questions on A First Date


Why are you single?

For some, there is nothing wrong in being single. If you ask your date why they are still single, you might be sending wrong signals that you view being single as wrong. Or they might think that you are mocking at them for being single. There could be many reasons why they have remained a single. Never ask this at least on the first date.

Where do you see us going?

Well, this is still the first time you are together and asking them about their opinion as to where they see the relationship going might make you look desperate. This might annoy them. give both of you a chance to decide this later. It may not be the right time to ask this question.

Are you seeing someone else?

The first date is too soon to ask whether they are in a relationship still. When you ask this question, they might misinterpret it differently. For example, are you having sex with someone? Or how many people have you slept with?

Don’t you think the first date is too soon to ask this type of personal question? It sounds invasive and might create the impression that you are concerned only about virginity and sex.

That looks pricey, how much did it cost anyway?

This is one question not to ask on first date. If you ask someone you have never met before the cost of a watch, a handbag, an apartment that they own, they might see you as concerned with money. Of course, feel free to compliment them for owning such a beautiful piece but refrain from qualifying it with a price.

Additionally, it is wrong to ask them about their income at this stage. Their finances are none of your business. You must curb the urge to ask how much do they earn.

Do you want to have kids?

This is seriously one question not to ask on first date. It’s the first meeting of you together. Asking them serious questions right from the start might sound intrusive. This is the time to know each other. You are not even sure whether you two are meeting again. So take things on a lighter note. Give each other some space and never try to intrude. There is a time for everything. Until you know the person well, you would want to keep the question to yourself.

Why did your last relationship end?

It is too soon to ask about previous relationships and might seem rude too. It’s your first date still and none of your business to know the details of their ex or breakup. Why does it interest you to ask about their breakup? You are not even sure where you both are heading at this moment. So it’s not the best time to poke your nose into their personal life.

What’s your relationship with parents?

This is too personal a question to ask on a first date. More often than not, it can stir their emotions as well, especially if they have strained relationship with parents. Or if their parents are separated or divorced, they might not be too happy to answer your question. In fact, they may not have expected to answer such personal queries on a first date.

How can you work in such a job?

On your first date, you do not want to be judgmental, right? It’s not the right time to be judging someone on the basis of their job, clothes, or food choices. When you try to belittle your date’s choices, they may not take it lightly.

Do you always drink that much?

You do not want to sound as a loser on your first date, right? So restrict the urge to gauge your date on the basis of their preferences or tastes. You are seeing each other for the first time. It’s an opportunity to know each other. Forget everything else.

Are you having fun?

Your date’s body language can give you a clear idea as to whether they are having a great time or getting bored. Instead of putting up the wrong question on a first date, do something to cheer them up.  Remember, you don’t know about their behind-the-scenes story. So you do not want to end up hurting them in any way. Just make them feel comfortable. That’s it. It might set the stage for the next meet.

Questions not to ask on first date should not strike your mind in any way. Else, you might ruin your date and never ever meet each other again.



Is honesty the best policy while dating someone? How honest should you be on a first date? Well, honesty matters even if it is your first date. You never know it might be the beginning of a lasting relationship. Honesty lays the foundation of a long-lasting bond. But that’s not how most people think on a first date and choose to be fake. Is it the right way to approach a date? Should you be honest in dating? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself three questions that would give you the right direction.

What do you want from the date:

·         A real relationship

·         Something casual

·         Just time-pass

Reasons To Be Honest 

Show of Strength and Character

True, you might feel a little awkward dating someone for the first time, but you want to be your best version so you can go smooth and easy in the relationship. When you try to be honest on a date, it is a courageous thing to do. It is important to go layer by layer when you are trying to build a relationship. Honesty might just be the foundation you need to build that infrastructure.

Be Selective

Being honest about what you want in a relationship opens you up. But it could make you equally vulnerable too. So you want to be selective in opening up about yourself and creating an environment of trust. This should help your date feel equally comfortable to reveal something of importance. There are questions that you want answers to. Being honest might be the key to convince the other side to unravel those secrets.

Advocate What You Want

If you are looking to enter into a serious relationship, then it might help to be honest on a first date. Do not hesitate to ask what kind of relationship they seek. Speak up about your intentions and kick-start an important discussion.

This is one way to take control of your love life. Not to mention, this will set the stage for an open communication.

No Room for Future Awkwardness

When you start being honest on a date, you are revealing your true self. Keeping secrets on a first date could never give you the confidence to reveal it later. So it might help to be honest right at the start.  In fact, your honest approach might just be the confidence the other person needs to open up. When both are honest, there might be less time wastage and heartburn in the future.

However, the first date is also an opportunity to understand rather than commit to each other. If you both have a fun time with each other on the first date, chances are you have good chemistry. There is hope in the relationship. When both are honest, you know where your relationship is heading.

Bottom Line

Being real with someone will not hurt you nor should it offend the other person. After all, you both are dating each other for a goal – either to enter into a lasting relationship or just to have some fun time. When you are honest about yourself and expect the same from your date, then this makes things clear for both sides whether you are compatible with each other. If not, then you are dating the wrong person.

Unless you are being real, you are not doing yourself a justice by concealing your true self. Imagine who is blocking your way in finding what you are looking for!


Looking for love? Dating is not just seeing someone but one who you would love to talk or spend time with. It’s the first step to communicate and the stepping stone to find the potential life partner you dream about. An online dating platform gives you hundreds of choices at the same time to explore the most suitable opportunities. However, dating is more about sharing your real self with the other side, especially if both of you are serious about finding true love.

But there isn’t everything serious about love and relationships. Here are some important facts about dating you must know. They can help you make the best decision before you spin, spiral, and jerk to a stop.

#1. She is picky

If you are a guy, you might find it hard to convince her for a date. When it comes to picking dates, females tend to be more selective and can willingly show more patience to find a compatible partner. Men are more likely to fall in love at the first sight, since a majority of males simply fall for looks. Girls, on the other hand, are more selective and have a few criteria to weigh their dream guy.

#2. Grammar is a deal breaker

Research reveals that men and women prefer their partner to have excellent grammar and communication skills, especially both sexes in the high society. Poor punctuation or grammar can be a deal breaker! Beware when you chat with your chosen date.

#3. Workplace dating easier than said

Workplace dating is a hit, with most relationships resulting in wedlock! Statistics reveal that four out of 10 dating relationships at the workplace culminate in marriage. But starting could be bumpy unless you win the heart with your day-to-day behavior, approach, and attitude.

#4. Red is the lady’s color

If you are not able to decide what to wear on a date, you might want to don red colors to increase your chances of attractiveness. Ideally, men are more attracted to women in red! Men found women against a red backdrop sexually more desirable and of higher social affiliation.

#5. Confidence blues

Nearly 40% of men lack confidence on their first date. Women are more confidant, as men look to them to date. The lack of confidence surfaces every time a man dates a girl for the first time. The reason could be men unsure of reciprocity from their chosen lady.

#6. Is love in the air?

Research reveals that women take much longer than men to fall in love. While men more easily fall in love with a girl after just three dates and women may take more than 10-14 dates to decide whether love is in the air.

#7. What’s your body language

If a woman is interested in you, it will instantly reflect in her body language. She will play with her hair, smile at your jokes, show serious attentiveness to every word that comes out of your mouth, and blush when you pay a compliment. She will do just do the opposite if she is not interested – sag her shoulders, avoid eye contact, look at her watch, not pay attention, fake a smile, tap her foot, and much more.

#8. Not interested signs

If a woman doesn’t revert after two messages, unfortunately she isn’t interested in you. So the best way is to stop wasting your time waiting in anxiety and move on. She hasn’t replied two messages means she won’t reply at all. Or if she does, she is less likely to reply in the affirmative.

#9. Know the intense attraction

If a man offers you his palm face up, this means he is deeply attracted to you. It’s your decision whether you will accept the guy who is offering you the world!

#10. The background

One of the most interesting fun facts about dating is that the chances of the other person falling for you increase if you choose an exciting background. It will generate deep interest and attractiveness.

#11. Online dating more fruitful

More men and women feel closer to each other and enter exclusive relationships because of online dating. Many find it easier to text and speak. A lot of disagreements can be solved with online meetings than in-person ones.

Let us know if you have more tips to add. Love to see your comments about what made your dating a success.

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