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When it comes to online dating, the first thing that strikes the mind is that it is for young singles. But the reality is fast changing. Senior singles are also finding their soul mates online. This gives you reasons to jump onto online dating platforms to find your special someone. However, there are also concerns about online dating safety for seniors, giving the rising incidences of scams on the Internet.

How Older Singles Can Avoid Online Dating Scams

Before jumping onto the Internet bandwagon, older adults should get more insight into the online dating best practices. It is important to learn about the risks and potential red flags before showing interest in a profile. Here are a few tips on online dating safety for seniors.

Avoid sharing personal details

Now you do not want to share your personal information online with a stranger. This includes your contact details, date of birth, and Social Security number. Of course, the idea is to secure information that might be exploited for identity theft. Not only this, senior singles should refrain from sharing details about their routine and children.

Avoid revealing financial details

Most of the online scammers are trying to dupe you of your money. Revealing your financial information to a stranger is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid. Giving away money is another. If your date asks you for money, it could be a scam. Do not offer a cent unless you are sure about the other person and know them well. Run away from a date that says they can’t access their email or bank account and are in financial emergency. You do not want to take your relationship forward with a date that asks you to wire money or reload their gift cards.

Take time to respond to first ‘sight’ love

Most scammers are quick to convey their “strong feelings.”  They may not hesitate to speak up their emotions within a few days of starting online communication with you. If someone has just met you online and expresses their strong feelings, take your time to determine their reality. It could be a scammer trying to bewitch you with their feelings in order to steal your financial details.

Avoid anybody that rejects video/phone calls

One of the most important online dating safety for seniors tips is to avoid anybody who is unwilling to talk over phone or on a video call. They might be trying to steal their identity.

Forget about anybody who talks of horrible financial crisis

A scammer is more interested in your money than anything else. So most of their conversation could surround money. They may weave stories around financial distress and try to emotionally attract your attention to their ongoing monetary “crisis.”  They might say they are a victim of fraud or have suffered a dramatic death of a loved one and need money to pay for their funeral. Or one of the most common financial excuses is a layoff and/or loss of pension.

How To Avoid Online Dating Risks For Seniors

Joining a reputable online dating site can significantly reduce the risk of fraud in the Internet dating world. Reputable sites have access to an array of resources to do a security and profile verification. These websites want to maintain their reputation and have stringent policies on senior dating fraud. It would help to be an online sleuth and explore the social media profiles of your date. If they do not have any online presence, except a presence in the dating site, it could be a red signal.



The dating world has changed from what it was decades ago. Now that you are 50, you might find it even daunting and intimidating. However, dating can be a lot of fun if you find the right person. In fact, it is a great opportunity to find someone who could be the most important person in your life. Dating at 50 need not be daunting, though it won’t be anything like it was when you were in your twenties.

Online dating

Meeting people online is a huge change from the traditional dating game. But that does not mean you cannot find a trustworthy relationship online. Get a friend’s advice on your online profile and picture before publishing your dating profile online. Finding someone serious may take some time as mature men and women are still reluctant to find a genuine romantic connection online.

Take up a hobby

You might be surprised to learn that one of the top dating at 50 tips is to take up a hobby and then try to find a like-minded person who shares the same love. When you are mature enough at 50 years of age, you can connect better with like-minded people. Who knows you might come into touch with lots of new people who love the same hobby as you. This can bring you both closer.

Clear it up with family

Dating at 50 might make you feel a little self-conscious when it comes to revealing the secret to family and friends. If you have grown-up children, you might feel a little more intimidated. But you need a good support network if you are serious about pursuing a happy romantic relationship. 

Reveal the news to your kids and do not hesitate to communicate about the big changes expected in your life.

Learn to deal with rejections

Even at 50, dating might be a little intimidating. Every person is not the same. All people have different tastes and preferences. While one loves a pineapple, another loves apples. So you do not have to feel dejected if someone rejects your invitation of dating at 50. There is no reason to give up.

If you’re experiencing frustration with dating at 50 years, remember that you may not find the love of your life on the first or second date. You may need to go on date with different people before actually finding someone special. A few bad experiences should not leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s absolutely normal.

Leave your insecurities out

Remember, there is no space for negativity or insecurity feelings. Forget the sad feelings from the past. Your failed relationship is history now. You have to get back to your life and not carry the burden along. Do not let yourself suffer from any guilt feeling. First, clear your mind of all negativity and put yourself in a positive frame of mind that you are ready for the dating at 50 game.

Remember that it’s okay to take things slowly and feel comfortable with someone. It’s perfectly fine to wait for someone with whom you can establish the right connection. All the best.

Are you looking for senior dating tips? Are you wondering whether it is the right thing to do? First, there is nothing to be ashamed if you are a senior and looking for a date. Why spend the rest of your life mourning over the loss of a soulmate or disheartened after a painful divorce? You deserve to be happy. If you are emotionally ready to begin a new relationship, you should start looking for a date. But before that, you may want to make the decision on the type of relationship you are looking for. Are you interested in a serious relationship? Do you want to be married? Or you seek a casual companionship?

Rekindle the feeling

If the old memories of your ex or deceased spouse still haunt you, give yourself time to heal before entering into a new relationship. You do not want to let the baggage of bitterness or sadness burden your new relationship. Your bitterness might turn off a potential companion.

When those memories fade, you may want to think of someone else. You never know what the other person has gone through. Unless you are prepared to handle your pain and understand their emotions, you may like to stay away.

It might hurt your emotions further if you are yet not ready to listen in.

Time is a healer so move on

As far as senior dating is concerned, if you feel you have healed yourself of the anger or pain, you can take the next step to embrace someone else.  But it is perfectly fine to set your boundaries and find a partner who complements you. Alternatively, you are aware of your self-destructive habits, especially if your last relationship ended in a bitter divorce.

Shun those habits that might spoil your new bond. Anger or depression aren’t good habits to possess. Instead, embrace empathy and listen to your date and voice your feelings in an appropriate way. Is there a common ground? If so, you both might be the right fit for each other.

Where to search for a date?

Perhaps times have changed and the dating scene is no different. There is a new way to meet others or find a date online. Harness the power of the Internet to find your potential date. Do your homework and decide what you're interested in. It won’t hurt to stay safe. Exercise caution initially because you do not want to feel hurt again. Start with talking over the phone. Set up your first date in a coffee shop to get to know the date better.

Don’t automatically trust everything. Give yourself time to understand them. Be honest about what you’re looking for in terms of a relationship. If you share mutual feelings and the date seems the right fit for you, it’s time to take this relationship further.

Remember, trust is built gradually. One of the best senior dating tips is to take time to know someone well before making any decision on the relationship. Let a natural foundation of trust build. Yes, it may take months but that’s okay. It’s your life and you do not want to suffer any further after the hardships of a bitter relationship previously if you are a divorcee.


Dating in your 50s or 60s might be a little hard, but it is not something unthinkable. The dating rules apply to every age. So remember to stay safe and learn about yourself and the date before committing further. Wishing you happiness always!


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