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There are primarily five stages of dating, from attraction to engagement. The other stages include disappointment, commitment, and intimacy. When you start to date someone, you will pass through these five stages of dating, but not in all cases. This is true only if both sides are interested in a lifetime commitment.

Does it hold true for online dating?

Well, users of dating sites agree with this fact that every relationship passes through 5 main stages. It is no different for those trying out online dating.

·        Attraction and Romance

·        Disappointment or Reality

·        Commitment

·        Intimacy

·        Engagement

Some relationships do not progress until the last stage due to the lack of compatibility and commitment.


It all begins with attraction. It may be due to the looks of the other person or their style. It’s at the beginning of the dating stage. This phase may last one to three months or more in some cases. This is the least unsustainable stage and people who prefer to change partners frequently often try to remain in the attraction stage.  Seeing only good in another person, spending a lot of time together, and no sight of conflict are the characteristics of attraction stage.


If both partners continue to be committed, they enter the reality stage, which may be quite different from the first stage. The phase often lasts six months. This is the stage when attraction gives way to reality. It’s a kind of eye-opener for both.

There is a high chance of the relationship ending in disdain as you start to see flaws in another person. You may often wonder whether you have made a mistake. However, while some relationships end at this dating stage, some may be willing to accept each other's flaws. That means, you can progress to the next stage.


If your relationship stands the test of the second stage, you enter the third dating stage. This stage could be even worse as disappointments set in. Small differences might look like a balloon. You might wonder if the other person is right for you. At times, you might be forced to think that the relationship is ending. You might decide to break up.

On the other hand, if partners understand each other and do not give up communication, the relationship may be given another chance to survive.


If your relationship survives the instability of stage three, it’s a lifetime opportunity to strengthen the bond. You enjoy this stage and allow the relationship time to develop and grow. When a relationship enters stability, it’s most likely to progress into commitment. That means you have been together for quite some time and understand each other better. You have realized how to work through the differences and still respect and love each other. While there is no longer the attraction fantasy, you are in real love now. Keeping the spark alive might reinforce the relationship further.


The last on the list of dating stages, which are also relationship stages, commitment is all you need to be partners and forever in love. While not all couples make it this far, if you do, you can decide to tie the knot and be together forever. Now that you have chosen to be committed to each other, that means you have accepted their flaws, and their weaknesses do not bother you any longer.

It’s a sign you are in love and want to be committed and envision seeing both of you together forever.

These are primarily the most common dating stages from which every relationship passes. From attraction to commitment, it’s a journey that will end up in a fruitful relationship. Happy dating

Are you looking for that one special person who will be your dream girl or prince charming? With numerous fake profiles and personalities around, it is but not easy to find true love, right? Luckily, there are still ways to find real love.

Try to be perfect

Well, true, that you want a perfect partner, but have you considered being one yourself? Food for thought, right? A majority of relationship problems is because of uneven expectations. So if you want real relationship, you ought to take a little responsibility to change yourself first. If you want a perfect partner, first, try to be one yourself. Once you do this, all unnecessary expectations will disappear. You can start making genuine connections and there will be no place for unhealthy relationships. So when you seek an amazing partner, first be one yourself.

Don’t sound needy

If you try to be one, you will never find happiness in life. People can easily sense needy behavior. If you try to garner someone’s attention or affection, you are being needy. It could be a major turn off. The other person might think of you in a different way. You do not have to sound salesy, right – not at all when trying to look for real relationship. In trying to be a people pleaser, you sound needy. But what is more important is to care about what you think of yourself. Your inability to take care of yourself is at the root of dating problems.

It’s you first

Unless you love yourself, nobody will love you. So start caring for yourself if you want others to respect, care for, and love you. A person who believes in self-care for physical and mental growth can do well in relationships. Caring for yourself is not being selfish. In fact, you will have a new outlook toward life and can engage with others genuinely.

Develop your interests

When you focus on developing your interests, you will be happier than ever. It gives you joy and pleasure. When you do so, you will meet genuine people who share your values. Some will be attracted to you based on your talent and interests. Real people love to meet those who share their interests and respect their passion. They are more likely to connect with those whose interests align with theirs.

Can You Find Real Love Online?

Well, there is nothing wrong in finding real love online. In fact, there are online dating apps that can connect you with people who are genuinely interested in a relationship. No doubt, these apps are great for meeting people quickly. If you are seriously seeking real love, there is no wrong in sending the message across to the other person on a first date. Do not lose heart if it scares them off. Rather, you have done yourself a favor by not wasting time with someone who was never meant for your love.

Real people might ask for time. So you can plan out a few meetings with them to know each other and decide if you have found real love. Express yourself honestly and be proud of yourself. However, with that said, be cautious of your choice. Do not be vulnerable. When you have decided to express yourself to the other person, you are willing to accept the consequences as well. 

No matter what the result of your honesty, do not feel hurt or desolate if the result goes against your wishes. You cannot control others’ intentions and thoughts, right?

Stay true to yourself and honestly take charge of the dating game. Real love will soon be your partner.

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