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Dating need not be a tough terrain for all the lesbians out there. Unlike gay relationships, lesbians might find the terrain slightly tougher. However, here are some dating tips for lesbians to find their dream girl and make merry.

1.      Don’t fall for a girl with a boyfriend

You are a lesbian and do not like boys. So one lesbian dating tip you cannot deny is to look for a like-minded girl who is not with a boyfriend. It amounts to inviting trouble. You don’t want that, right? Your best life mate will be one who loves to stay in the company of girls more than boys. That’s it. So it would be a mistake to wait for a girl to break up with her boyfriend to be with you. There are hundreds of thousands others waiting to be yours. Go, explore.

2.      Find places to meet your dream girl

Is there a lesbian at work? Go and acquaint yourself. There is nothing to be shy. In fact, she might be happy to know that you’re part of her tribe. You are good to go together. Or you could spread the word in your friend circle that you are single and ready to mingle with a hot girl.

Online dating apps for lesbians are a good platform too. If you cannot find one locally, go online. Who knows your girl might be sitting away from your surroundings in another region or even country? Love knows no boundaries, right? Explore!

3.      Be your best

Lesbian dating is all about understanding your date. Schedule a time and date to meet your special girl. Ask her about her likes and make her feel special. Try to find what is more important to her. What’s her favorite activity? Be ready with your answers as well. However, this is not the time to talk about your ex.

Girls do not like the mention of another girl. The case with lesbian dating is no different. But be honest and tell her if you are enjoying her company. Compliment her. Tell her, “you look beautiful.” “I love your eyes.” Talk a little and then make the first move, saying “you’re so sexy and make me nervous.”

If both of you click together, it’s time for another romantic rendezvous.

4.     Don’t hesitate to follow up

When looking for the best lesbian tips, you want to make sure you don’t forget to follow up.

Okay, so you have had an amazing date together. Call her or text the same night to tell her how amazing you feel after meeting her. Show that you’ve been thinking of her all the while.

This is an open invitation to her to intimate her interest. Demonstrate your availability for texting so she knows that you are always there for her, irrespective of the hour on the clock.

Set the ball rolling in your favor and wait for her heart to beat for you.

5.      Get permission

Lesbian dating can never go wrong if you seek her permission. There’s nothing wrong in asking her consent to make the first move. “Can I kiss you,” do not hesitate to ask. 

This makes her feel flattered, respectful, and honest. Remember, that first kiss could be a game changer while being an anxiety-provoking experience too.

Stay excited. Stay motivated. Wear that smile on your face. The spark in your eyes might just become the reason for her to fall for you. It may or may not be love at first sight. But if you are like-minded, lesbian dating cannot get easier than that.

You are made for each other. Congratulations!




Gay dating requires a lot of patience and understanding from both guys. If you seek a gay relationship, you want to avoid dating mistakes that most gay couples make.

There is a lot of misunderstanding between both partners on being in an open gay relationship. Each relationship is all about honoring boundaries and agreements. As a gay partner, you both want to discuss this every few months. If there are no agreements or boundaries, this could ruin relationship.

You cannot ignore the need to match tempers with your gay partner. If both are short-tempered, that won’t take your relationship too far. It is important to share your feelings and expectations. It is equally important to set boundaries. Communication breakdown can result in a ruined relationship. Unless you trust your partner, gay dating mistakes are bound to happen. Don’t be afraid of discussing your problems with him.

Compromising on issues

When you are together, you may either have the same goals or be completely okay with compromising your objectives. Are you ready to compromise on certain issues? If you are not, then it is better to part ways instead of making the gay dating mistake of holding on to someone who has different principles and goals.

Settling for someone who is an opposite

Do opposites really attract? Well, not always. So if your partner is a complete opposite in preferences, choices, missions, and likes, the relationship might not go a long way. It is bound to come to an end one day. Harmonious couples are more likely to grow well together and be in love forever than opposites. Do not make the gay dating mistake of continuing with them.

Moving together too fast

Most gay couples instinctively move together as soon as they find love with the other partner. But it is a dating mistake the gay should avoid. Discuss the responsibilities of each other. What are the borders? This will ensure that you both live happily ever after and do not cross boundaries either.

Studying the behavior of the partner and understanding their weaknesses and strengths will make you a happy couple.

Judging by appearance

Attractive looks matter but they should not be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a gay partner. This is one common gay dating mistake that many of those seeking love make. You may have certain style or looks preferences and in searching for one who matches your personality criteria, you might have ignored someone better.

One person might have the same personality traits but hold an opposite world view and have different preferences. Losing your heart to him may not work in the long run for you. Rather, look for a decent single who is made just for you.

Mixing your past dating experience into new relationship

Avoid making the gay dating mistake of taking your previous romantic experience into your new gay relationship. Everyone is not the same. You might have suffered a lot of emotional scars from your previous relationship. Let you learn a lesson from them. But never let those emotional abuses ruin your peace of mind or present relationship. Be honest with your guy. It is best to share your views and pay heed to them too. That’s the secret to a healthy communication. Truly, it might help nurture your relationship too.

Not trusting gay dating sites

If you seek a gay partner, then your best opportunity to find one lies in dating sites for men. You cannot keep sitting in your apartment day dreaming about a potential gay partner. Unless you log onto social networking or gay dating sites, you might be making this dating mistake of sitting without doing anything.

Do not be afraid to join dating sites for gay men to explore a plethora of choices. Your dream guy might be a few clicks away. So what are you waiting for?




If you are an introvert, dating might seem like a challenge because you have a lot of social energy to spend. But your task is to find all barriers and take a step forward. Being an Introvert doesn’t mean the dating scene is not for you.

Alternatively, it doesn’t mean you’re bad at communication. Being an introvert, you have an inherent skill of listening to others, which is the trait of a great conversationalist that people want to be company with. Here are dating tips for introverts to take the awkwardness out of your first date. Ready for the good news?

Be yourself

Don’t try to step into the shoes of another. Be yourself. However, you should not hide the fact that you are an introvert. Wait for the right time to open up and be honest.

An introvert might find a first date slightly uncomfortable. Don’t worry and embrace the opportunity! Your first date as an introvert could be a minefield of mindless chatter. But that does not mean you do not deserve to be on a date.

 Introverts find any form of socializing as an activity that drains their strength and deplete their ideas. You fear rejection and/or romance.

But in order to be in love and find a date, you must exploit the “dating for introverts” opportunity. Now that does not mean your first date will go as expected. Don’t take it as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; rather, treat it like a practice session.

When you start viewing dating as practice, you will learn something from every single date. Take it as a great learning experience. Not all first dates are made for you. But this learning experience will help you be ready to charm that special someone who makes your heart sing now that you already know where you falter.

Be bold

Introverts are happy with themselves but if you feel like exploring the dating for introverts opportunity to find your soul mate, try to be bold enough to suggest a follow-up date after the first one. It’s absolutely okay if that first date did not work. Some dates do not.

Don’t pretend to be someone else

You are doing yourself no favor in trying to be an extrovert. Do not hesitate to clear things up early on. Clearly state on your profile that you are an introvert. This will help clear up things upfront and you will have nothing much to worry later.

Take the spotlight away from you

Let the conversation revolve around the other person than you. Taking the spotlight off yourself gives you an opportunity to take it easy and feel confident to open up slowly.

Don’t fear rejection

Instead keep rejection on mind. One of the basics of dating for introverts is to never let the fear of rejection drag your feet back. Rejections are common in the dating scene. You should be ready to face one. It’s okay to come out of the self-inhibiting cocoon and take a step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes some lessons are for a lifetime and are learned the hard way.

If someone rejects, that means the other person doesn’t know you. It’s their loss, not yours.

So move on and think from a different perspective. Love yourself more and accept rejection like a lesson.

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